Introducing the Dufour Shop

We're excited to be bringing you the Dufour Shop, where you'll be able to get a closer look into the life of Cathrine Dufour. You can now become a member of the DufourClub, buy tickets for Club Nights and order pieces from the DufourFashion Collection! All the DufourFashion pieces are limited edition, which means there are only a few available, so you'll be sure to get something quite unique.

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Aachen 2019 Cathrine Dufour Bohemian

Bohemian's Life

We’re super excited to have a guest post from Bohemian’s owner Louise Zinglersen today! Louise has been the proud owner of Bohemian for a few years now, and in this blog post she tells us all about where Bohemian came from, why she decided he was her dream horse and much more!

Saddle Tips and Tricks for the Winter Time

Saddle Tips and Tricks for the Winter Time

This blog post is written by Cathrine Dufour's sponsor INGDAM'S We're jumping into fall with an exciting blog post from the experts over at INGDAM'...
Cathrine Dufour Finesse Bridles

GIVEAWAY With Finesse Bridles

As a lot of you know I've helped design the amazing Finesse Bridles pieces, and I use them for all of my little superstars  Now you have the chance...