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April 2018

DufourClub Newsletter April

In this newsletter you'll be able to read a recap from Dufour Club Night #3, , and get a link for tickets for Dufour Club Night #4 AND Dufour Club Night #5 goes Slangerupgaard! Furthermore Cathrine has uploaded answers to some of the questions asked in the Q&A session from the blog! 

We hope you enjoy the pieces we've collected for you!

Horse nutrition nerds in action on Club Night #3

We had invited the wonderful people from Saracen Horse Feeds Denmark to come and share their tips and tricks with us! The night started in the indoor riding arena where I showed the Dufour Club-members three very different horses. 

The first horse was the 4 year old Adax's Sauternes who is still working on gaining some muscles :) Next up was my wonderful 7 year old Zundance who is also on the buildup. And finally, the bodybuilder birthday boy Atterupgaards Cassidy was showing us what dressage horses are supposed to look like :-D

Then we went on to have a nice little snack in the riders' lounge and got ready for a presentation by Thomas from Saracen Horse Feeds. We were really happy about all the question you guys had asked us on Facebook and hope you all got the answers you were looking for. Here are three of the questions that were most common:

1. How do we feed a very frisky horse?
2. What to do about picky horses?
3. How to get lazy horses to work more?

The answers in short: 
1. In general it is very important that you feed your horse to its specific needs and not just look at what your neighbor or others are doing! Furthermore it is important to make sure that your horse is getting a diet consisting of a lot of fiber and oil in order to make sure that there is not a lot of fast carbs.

2. There is not just one answer to this. One way is to slowly introduce new food to them and not switch from one product to another and expect the horse to just eat whatever. If the horse is used to some very "sweet" food, then it will take some time getting used to a diet with more fibre and less carbs. 
3. It is important to find the right feed that fits excatly your horse need. When having a horse who is not active by nature, then you will first have to make sure that there is nothing wrong with it. This is done via vet checkups and maybe taking a blood sample which can tell if the horse is lacking vitamins and minerals. If the horse is fine, then you can look into the breed as well as ancestry, which says a lot about the temper. There are several different types of products and levels of energy to help a lazy horse. What is most important is that the energy the horse gets is coming from a good combination fibers, oil and starch. The starch gives the short and fast energy whereas the fiber and oil provides longlasting and controllable energy.

If you have any specific questions, please feel free to contact the experts at Saracen Horse Feeds     


Cathrine have just posted a few of the answers to the Q&A session we had on her Youtube channel. If you haven't already done it, then follow her there for new videos as we will be posting a lot more on there in the future!  

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