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February 2018

World Cup Gothenburg

Tuesday my groom Catarina and I left for Gothenburg in Sweden. This time it was for the 8th qualification for the World Cup. First time with new trainer and new freestyle so there was a bit more excitement than usual. 

Wednesday we got through vet check amazingly, and were ready for our training with Nathalie afterwards. Cassidy was in perfect shape and was not affected by the size of the arena at all.

Thursday was Grand Prix. We got a nice warm up and were super ready when we entered the arena. Super trot, nicely relaxed walk and a super, super quality gallop. What a feeling - he was with me 110% throughout the set. For the first time we were able to cross the 80% line in International Grand Prix!! Completely crazy, and as just the number 15th rider in the world. Winning the class was just an added bonus.

The freestyle we were riding in Gothenburg is completely new! We only got it Saturday afternoon where we trained it, but it didn’t reaaaally fit the way we dreamed it would. Sarah Christensen from SFC Music has done an amazing piece of work correcting it only days before the competition. So when I got the final version on Tuesday I spent the whole night getting to know it 110%. I was really excited when we rode on to the arena which was packed with an amazing audience. It felt fantastic to just get the music on and give it everything we had.

The final salute was the craziest feeling of joy, relief and an enormous amount of pride for just having ridden our new freestyle almost perfectly. The judges gave for the first time in the world history 5X10 for the difficulty level, and with this crazy grade we ended up at 88% and the winner of the freestyle and thereby our second World Cup qualification.

I want to give a big thanks to my whole team. Of course to SFC Music for the amazing music, but also to my new trainer Nathalie who has done an amazing piece of work and blended into the team. Team leader Helle Krasnik has taken care of everything in the time up to the trip and was also there during the competition. My lovely groom Catarina Hall was with us for the first time, and my amazing girlfriend Katrine, my lovely mum and dad and of course Cassidy’s osteopath Gitte Søby. I’m so grateful for my team and so proud that we managed so well!

Now we are waiting to see if we are directly qualified for the World Cup final in Paris or if we have to apply for a wildcard.* But at this moment in time Cassidy and I will just enjoy having a week’s rest, riding relaxed and just have fun. He deserves that!

*At the time this newsletter is sent out, Cathrine has not been granted a wild card and will therefore not participate in the World Cup Final in Paris. Read more here (in Danish only).

All photos taken by FEI/Natalie Greppi



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Work Out with Cathrine this March!

Grab a friend and try out the exercises Cathrine Dufour and Katrine Hedeman are working on in the videos above! This is a warm up for the next DufourClub Night which will focus on personal training!

Don’t forget to share all your photos and videos of your workouts on instagram and tag it with #DufourClub. 


Group photo at DufourClub Night #1 - Photo taken by Catarina Hall

DufourClub Night #1

Monday we hosted our first Club Night for our wonderful DufourClub members. It was an evening where we wanted to put focus on the training of the horses as well as the planning of the training of each individual horse.

I had really been looking forward to the first Club Night, so it was so amazing to see all the wonderful members in the riding hall where we started the evening. I started with a short training clinic on Bohemian. I showed everything from warming up to the most difficult of dressage movements like the piaffe, passage, and flying changes. He behaved exemplary!

The really interesting bit came when the participants started coming with good, concrete questions regarding their own training. Because this is exactly what I wanted - that the participants got something concrete they could take home - if it’s help with a 10 meter volte, a leg yield or something more general. Because it was so easy to show since I was sitting on the back of the horse and quickly could show theory in practice. It was amazing and I felt that we covered some really important things.

Photo taken by Catarina Hall

After our clinic we moved inside to warm up, drink some coffee, eat some cake and go through training of horses and other things in more detail. I described the training programme for my different horses and the differences between them, and people asked their own great questions. Everything from the olympics to how many grams of rug my horses have in the winter.

We talked far and wide about everything and it was amazing to get on a one and one basis with my fantastic followers. We talked a bit about what the upcoming Club Nights should be focused on and there were a lot of great ideas flowing like for example feed, programme riding, mental training, pony-night, classes, clinic with younger and potential “problem”-horses etc. etc. I thought it was great to see so many people coming with their ideas, because what we want is to create Club Nights that fit exactly into the topics that the readers and followers want to more about.

We ended the night by looking at our new DufourFashion collection, writing autographs and taking selfies. A super successful evening that I can’t wait to repeat in less than a month. Thank you to everyone who was there to make the evening super interesting, educational and last but not least super nice.

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