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January 2019

We hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and New Year's and that you've entered 2019 filled with energy! After New Year’s many people make resolutions to become better, faster, or stronger - we know we have a few goals for that this year at least.

This month we wanted to create a newsletter that will help YOU achieve your goals! In this newsletter Cathrine shares her top three goals for the new year and physiotherapist, personal trainer and bae Katrine Hedeman gives her top three tips for achieving your own goals. You'll also find some tips from both Katrine and Cathrine on how to stay motivated to reach the aims that you have and a video to inspire your next workout, which you can also kickstart with us at the next DufourClub night!

Cathrine’s Three Goals For 2019

1. Make a comeback with Cassidy
2. Bring Bohemian to the big Grand Prix arena
3. Bring out some of the Helgstrand Dressage youngsters to competitions

Katrine Hedeman’s top three tips for reaching your goals

- Create a goal for your workouts, but split those goals into smaller chunks, so it’s more manageable. This could e.g. be to get a better posture, and thereby have more energy whilst riding. If you create smaller targets for yourself, then it’ll be easier to work towards those goals, instead of doing everything at once.

- Make a workout plan, so you always have something to follow.

- Allow yourself to take a day off, the body needs time to rest in order to be able to perform.

How They Stay Motivated To Achieve Their Goals

  1. Get a coach, trainer, instructor or someone else who has high energy, inspires you and helps you stay motivated
  2. Communicate your dreams and goals to the people around you so that they can help you reach them AND keep you on top of your game
  3. Think “What would [my idol] do right now? Work out or lie on the sofa eating candy?"
  1. Don’t let workouts become boring to you - alternate your workouts every other week, so they’re always “exciting”
  2. Surround yourself with people who are as passionate as you about sports and staying healthy
  3. Go on Instagram! There are so many people on there who’re extremely passionate about sports and health. Follow them!

January Workout Inspiration

Cathrine & Katrine's January Challenge 

Watch this video to get inspiration for how you can challenge yourself in your future workouts!

Join Us!

 If you want to kickstart your yearly challenge, come join us for the next DufourClub Night, which will be all about personal training, staying clear of injuries and working with a team to achieve something 💪

The event will be on January 30th at Grønagergård!

Get tickets here!


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