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June 2019

For most people summer is the season where you get to relax and recharge, but for equestrians this is the busiest season of the year. We're really proud of Cathrine, Bohemian, and all the other horses for doing super well at competitions, and we're of course crossing our fingers and wishing them good luck for the rest of the season!

In this newsletter you'll be getting some fun news and great tips for your own competition season!

Cathrine Dufour Aachen

Can't wait to share some exciting news!

We’re working on a super exciting project with one of my sponsors at the moment, which I’m really excited to share with you! I can’t say too much yet, but stay tuned on my Instagram for some teasers for the big reveal :)

Cathrine Dufour DM

Dufour Club Went To Himmelev

A few weeks ago we went to Himmelev Rideklub for another Dufour Club Night! We had some fun things lined up for the evening; Stefan from Neue Schule Denmark came by to teach us about how to find the right bit for your horse, I trained Himmelev’s own Mia Christensen and then I showed some tips and tricks on my little superstar Vamos Amigos <3

The first part of the evening where Stefan came by was only for Dufour Club members. I think we were around 25 people for this cozy event beforehand and we learned a whole lot (I even got to see a new bit which I’m going to try out!). I think the most important points from this part of the evening was:

- Make sure your horse is comfortable with the bit! We want to make sure we “disturb” the horse as little as possible with the equipment we use, so listen to your horse.
- Every horse is DIFFERENT! This is really important to remember, because even though you have one horse who is fine with one specific bit, it doesn’t mean every horse is going to be the same. They’re so different in terms of the size of their mouth, sensitivity etc. Stefan made a good point about how some horses just don’t like the taste of metal in their mouth, which might make them chew on the bit and generally just be uneasy in the mouth, so again - make sure you listen to your horse!
- Try different bits out! Because horses are soooo different, it’s important to try different bits out to see what works for your horse. 
Lastly - when you’ve found the right bit for your horse, you’ll also start to feel that it’ll become A LOT easier for you to ride. 

If you have any specific questions about bits for your horse you can message Neue Schule on Facebook!

You can watch videos of me training Mia and also of the tips I showed on Vamos in the secret Dufour Club group on Facebook.

Mental Training

During the last Club Night several people asked me for tips on mental training - when to start, how to do it, and why I do it. There are lots of different reasons for doing mental training. For me, I use it to become less stressed and nervous (especially right before competitions) and to feel like I have everything under control. I also train to make sure that I’m able to stay focused for longer so that I can perform better. So since a lot of people asked and because it’s competition season for a lot of people at the moment, I wanted to share this amazing focus exercise I use! This little exercise for training focus is by far best if you do it together with several other riders as a little competition, because then you’ll feel the pressure and desire to win!

Print out the box with all the numbers below and set a timer for between 1 to 2 minutes. When the exercise starts, you have to find as many numbers as possible in the right order (1, 2, 3, 4, 5,….). You can also do it backwards like this (50, 48, 47, 46,…). This forces you to zoom your focus in on the single number and then back to the wider focus of the full box of numbers, and then back again to narrow focus when finding the next number in the row. Try it out - it’s not as easy as you would think!

Mental Training

I've previously talked about another mental training method I use, which you can read more about here!

Stay Updated

Dufour Club Night Harridslev

The "Secret" Facebook Group

If you haven't already joined the "secret" Dufour Club Facebook Group make sure to do that! Here we post live videos from Club Nights and smaller pieces of news. You can also ask for help from the other Dufour Club members, share photos or just get to know like-minded people!


Dufour Club Night Harridslev

Dufour Club Newsletter Archive

We've added all the old Dufour Club Newsletters to a hidden page only available to Dufour Club members. So if you want to re-read them or if you signed up for Dufour Club recently and you're curious about what has been sent out before then head on over to the website (just remember to log in first, or you won't be able to see them).

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