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November 2018

November Newsletter

We hope you all have had an amazing October and are welcoming November! The weather in Denmark is getting colder, but that doesn’t mean we can go into complete hibernation quite yet, the horses (and us) still need exercise! In this newsletter you’ll be able to get a few tips for how to get up early in the morning, despite the cold and darkness, a little “behind the scenes” into how and why Cathrine started collaborating with Adax and UnlimitBags, the date for the next DufourClub Night and much more!

3 Tips for Getting Out of Bed in the Winter

Getting out of bed when it’s completely dark outside and so cold you think your hands might fall off is quite tough. Here are Cathrine’s top 3 tips for getting up and out of bed during the winter!

  1. The number 1 tip is definitely to just turn some light on as soon as possible. Once my alarm goes off, I switch on a light right next to my bed (which is actually facing my face directly) so that there’s no possible way to get back to sleep. And then I do the same in the whole apartment.

  2. Coffee. A nice hot cup of coffee in the morning is a life saver.

  3. I go to the gym or do a work out as soon as possible after waking up. I feel that when I get the workout in first thing, I feel so much more awake in the morning (even in the winter when it’s pitch black outside).

Behind the scenes: The Adax Partnership

As some of you might have seen already, Cathrine recently designed some new bags with Unlimit, which is the younger sibling of Adax. As Cathrine explains in this video, the bags were designed with her superstitions in mind, to bring good luck on the journey towards Tokyo 2020. Getting a sponsor who shares the same visions as you and truly understands you can be difficult, especially when you’re first starting your career. Adax was one of Cathrine’s first sponsors, and so she wanted to share the story of how the collaboration started:

I’ve known the Silfen family, who’re the ones behind the Adax brand, for approximately six years now. At that time, I started training Celine Silfen and gradually got to know the whole family. Celine has been a member of the Danish national team for many years and is a wonderful rider and fantastic student and young woman.

One day, it must have been around the time I won my first European Young Rider Championship, Helle Silfen came over to me and told me something along the lines of “Adax believes that you can make it to the Olympics and we really want to help you get there”. It was a really big moment for me, realizing that someone believed so much in me and wanted to be there to support me on my journey. It was completely crazy! Especially since at this point I still hadn’t dared to say out loud that I wanted to go that far.

So of course I said yes, we had already collaborated on other things and we worked well together, so it seemed like a very natural thing to do. Working with people who’re this kind and amazing felt like a huge opportunity and privilege to me. And since then the collaboration has grown and developed, which is really cool I think. They’ve been there since the beginning of my journey almost, which means that the bond we have is really special.

Next DufourClub Night!

We have the next DufourClub Night in the calendar! Next time will be all about young horses, we’ll take a look at some of the new horses I’ve gotten in from Helgstrand, talk about how to create a training programme for young horses, and discuss how to build them up. I’m super excited to show you some of the new horses I’ll be riding and telling you more about what I’ll be doing on this new journey!


And of course there’ll be time for some mingling and chatting as usual!

29. November from 19:00 - 21:00 at Grønagergård.

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In Case You Missed It…

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