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October 2019

World Cup Herning 2019

World Cup Herning this year was such an amazing experience. Being on home field is always something special, so I was really excited for it.

Since I was only competing with Bohemian in the World Cup, we didn’t arrive until Thursday, but still had a day to prepare properly before our start Saturday. On the Friday we had an early morning training session, which went really well. After the training session the day was mainly about preparing the last things and making sure we were super prepared for the competition. Bohemian usually has a lot of energy, so I always make sure to have a proper training session both the day before and the morning of a big competition


The rest of the day we focused on being prepared for the start on Saturday, so we had Gitte from Mysir Osteopati come by to give Bohemian a massage and also made sure to give him a Solamagic solarium session to make sure his muscles recovered properly from the training.

Saturday started with another early morning training session. Bohemian felt so strong and confident, so I felt like we were really ready for the arena. Since we weren’t starting until the early afternoon, I had time to both see some of the equipages riding in the tournament before us and also to go to a meet and greet session at Helgstrand’s stand before getting ready for the competition. I love meeting you guys and it gives me so much energy and makes me so happy to see how many people have come out to support us. So a huge thanks to all of you!


Our ride on the Saturday was amazing.. Bohemian got a bit startled at the end when the audience started applausing, but he’s still a pretty young horse, so applause is something that he still needs to get used to. I feel like it’s not really because he gets scared, but more because he’s focusing so hard on the task that when something else happens he gets a bit surprised. We try to train this at home, so hopefully he’ll only get better at handling that! In the Grand Prix we ended up with 83% and it’s just incredible. I’m so so happy and really proud of Bohemian. In the evening I spent some time with my friends to relax and wind down, which is also important to remember when you’re at competitions. If you’re trying to focus all the time and only thinking about getting the “perfect” ride, that isn’t really that helpful, so it’s important for me to sometimes do something completely different.


Sunday was the final and wow. Bohemian did everything. He was a bit low in the neck compared to the day before, but he was so cool and I’m really proud. And when the audience stood up and applaused, that was really special. Ending on 88.190 was so amazing, and I can’t wait to see how far this little superstar can get. Bohemian still has things to learn, but it’s really making me excited for the future.

Thank you so much to Bohemian’s fantastic owners the Zinglersen family for letting me ride this little superstar and for all your help throughout the competition weekend! And of course to my trainers Nathalie and Kyra, my family and all of you for your amazing support!

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