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5 Quick Q&As

In this Q&A I’ll answer on some of the “smaller” questions. You guys have asked me a lot about specific training tips, and I promise you that you’ll get a lot of those, but it will be in longer posts and videos in a few weeks. 

I’ll answer five questions per Q&A, so here comes the five that I’ve selected from all your great questions on my Instagram account. 

@marie_bnielsen asks: For how long time have horses been a part of your life”? 

I started riding at the age of five at a local riding school close to where I grew up here in Denmark. For the first two years I rode like one or two times a week on school ponies, just playing around having so much fun with the ponies. After a few years we bought one of the school ponies (Sunny-Boy) and naturally the whole family got to spend more and more time with the horses. With the next pony (Charlie) started a journey towards the national team and championships, and it became much more serious, and from that on it was every day all year we spend with the horses. 

@smilla_maria asks: “How many horses do you ride a day”? 

For the last 2 years I’ve been riding around ten horses a day. A mixture of my own horses, horses in training or students’ horses. It has been so much fun and I’ve learned a lot, but it has also been tough. It’s physically hard to ride that many horse a day, and especially when it’s older and more educated horses that need to be ridden for rather long time to repeat exercises as well as they had to learn all the more difficult stuff. In connection to starting this blog, I decided to cut down on the horses in training. Therefore I “only” ride like five horses a day now: 

  • Atterupgaards Cassidy 
  • Chantal Skovvang 
  • Edison
  • Øgårdens Dior De Luxe
  • Fældgårdens Dia-Lou 

I’m really happy for this change and even though I love to ride a lot of horses, five a day is just fine for me, and specially when it is such good horses as these five! 

@one_last_ride asks: “Do you go to university”?

I’ve only been in high school and I finished a few years ago. Then I actually started university last spring, studying Leisure Management. Meanwhile Cassidy and I had a pretty great debut on international senior level, and suddenly we saw an opportunity to qualify for the Olympics. Therefore I decided to put my study on a hold until summer 2016 and then see how my situation is.

@emma_grill asks: “What is your short and long term goals”?

Shot term goals is to keep all my horses fit and tuned for training. I spend a lot of time learning how to optimize how I take care of the horses in the best way. Without fit horses I can’t train, so that’s definitely my goal number one. On long term when talking competing, I’m dreaming of being a competitor at an Olympic game. My ultimate dream is to become an Olympic medalist!

@annaaelisabeth asks: “How do you bandage your horses and why”?

I bandage my horses simply to protect them. I personally think that bandages (maybe combined with boots) protects the best from strokes on the legs while riding. I also do it to support joints and tendons. How I do it is a bit difficult to describe in a post, but I’ll make a tutorial about this within a few weeks!

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