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74 days...

74 days 15 hours and 16 minutes till the Olympics in Rio.... It's for sure my dream to be a participant at an Olympic. Now we have only few months left to show what we're able to.

To be honest I think a lot about chasing the Olympics, but for me the most important thing right now it to have great training sessions, keep Cassidy sound and of course do my own training as optimal as possible. And right now my next goal is Danish championship at which we have to perform before even thinking about the Olympics.

I keep my hopes high, and I believe that if you dare to dream it and set it as a goal, then it's not totally impossible to achieve. It might not come true, but if you don't even dare to dream about it it will never happen.

This cool picture and count down hangs in Team Denmarks fitness center where I'm at at the moment. I have to get my bag treated. Hope they can help me :-)

Keep on dreaming! 

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