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Biography: Meet Edison

I thought it could be fun to make a little biography of my own three horses. At the moment I own Atterupgaards Cassidy, Chantal Skovvang and Edison. Furthermore I have a youngster (Adax’s Sauternes) and yearling HP Tootsie.

Today I want to introduce you to my newest star; Edison. He’s a gelding born 2010 here in Denmark. His breed is Edward/Weltmeyer. He’s not the biggest horse in stable measuring 1.66 cm.

Cathrine Dufour Edison Biography

I bought Edison from a breeder here in Denmark in August last year, and I actually came to try him out by a coincidence. One day my trainer Rune Willum showed me a video of a nice chestnut gelding, and I immediately wanted to take off to try him. Something about him reminded me of Cassidy when he was younger, and if this could be the new Cassidy, I couldn't wait for more than a few days to see this horse. But the funny thing is that Rune actually showed me the video thinking about Edison for one of my clients looking for a horse. On the basis of the video I decided to try him out before showing him to clients - and I’m so happy that we went to try him before showing him to our clients!

He was broken in in February 2015, so when I tried him we was still very inexperienced and due to the fact that he hadn't been ridden more than a few months he couldn’t do that much “fancy stuff”. Despite this he was so balanced, soft and well ridden. The second I got up I was like: “what the hell, this is a mini-Cassidy”. I really liked sitting on him, and after just five minutes I knew that I simply had to own this horse. 

When I tried him out, I looked for quality and ride-ability. He clearly had the quality in all three gaits despite the fact that he was only ridden for a few months, and he was so soft and nice to ride. Still lacking a bit of balance in canter, but the trot was outstanding to sit on. Easy to move aside and lovely to handle. I had no doubt at all when leaving Edison that day - this was my new star 

Cathrine Dufour Edison Riding

After a week the vet had him all checked through and we could bring him to Dufour Dressage here in Roskilde. Now I’ve had him for roughly 8 months, and at the moment he’s about to learn the flying changes and develop into a great dressage horse. I’m really excited about the future with this horse and just love to train him every day. 

He is a very sensitive horse when training. Likes to please his rider, but can also be a naughty boy. Especially if there’s something “dangerous” outside the arena making noises he can really be tricky to keep focused and concentrated on the training. The last couple of months have definitely developed him into a much more mature horse both when training, but also to handle, so I’m hoping that he will become better within the next months of training and experience when we’re starting to compete. He truly has to see the world and I really want him to experience as much as possible this spring, simply to make him more ignorant to what’s happening around him. 

Fun facts about Edison:

  • He really really likes all other horses. Whenever walking after a great training, he’s immediately searching to walk almost on another horse when walking off. The closer the better and then almost putting his nose directly on the other horse. 
  • He is not a fan of bananas. 
  • Whenever going into the field he’s wrapped in bandages and boots on both front legs. Within 30 minutes he will bite all this gear off and then start bucking around like a crazy horse. 
  • He is afraid of all noises. Also the ones he’s making himself! 
  • When he is groomed he really loves to cuddle. He’s still a little baby and needs a lot of contact when taking care of him. 
  • After a training he gets his legs cooled down with icebags, and if he is not tied like really tight on the grooming spot, he will lift his frontlegs and bite them off in a second. 
  • When training he wears both bandages and boots on his front legs, because he can be very clumsy sometimes.

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