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Bohemian Is Back!

For a few months ago Bohemian came back to our stable. He has been with Kathrine Kraglund for a half a year, and together they competed at the world championship for young horses in Ermelo. Now he’s sold to family Zinglersen who has brought him back to our stable.

Cathrine Dufour Bohemian

I’m super happy for having him back, as he has always been very special for me. I really enjoy schooling him, and his temper is just the way I like it. He’s a hot gentleman with a lot of nerve, but still he’s a super clever horse willing to work. We qualified for the final at the danish youngster competition DSA, but unfortunately we didn’t had so much luck during the JBK finals. We went home early and signed up for a smaller competition close to our stable. I had an amazing ride in MB0 this Sunday, and we won with amazing 75%. Now I can’t wait to bring him out once again; hopefully soon. 

Thanks to family Zinglersen for bringing him back to Dufour Dressage. 

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