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Bundgaard Byg 1st Round

Today I brought Chantal Skovvang to a national competition here in Denmark. We participated in a cup called Bundgaard Byg Cup. It’s a tournament which runs over two days. Saturday we’re supposed to perform Intermediare I and then qualify to the final on Sunday which runs in Intermediare Freestyle. 

I have one performed Intermediare I on Chantal at a local competition and she did well, but it’s always a bit different when it is on a bigger show, so this morning I was a bit excited to see how she would cope with a bigger arena. 

We had a great warm up with Rune Willum, and I think she was rather ready already from the very beginning. I always have a long warm up, because I like to walk for about 20 minutes and then just jog around for the next 10 minutes, and first after that I’m shortening the frame and start to put some pressure on the horse. 

About ten minutes before entering the arena we take of the bandages and I do some of the combinations from the test we’re about to perform. But as I said I felt she was ready quite early so we used most of time to keep her in the correct frame, and keeping her in front of my legs by small tempo changes all the time.

She did a good job in the arena; really high quality in trot with great marks in shoulder in and half passes. The walk slightly tense but much better in canter. Great extended canter in which I really felt that I could let her go! The pirouettes were alright but could have had a bit more collection. Only thing in canter that wasn't that good, was the tempies. She gets really hot in this exercise and therefor they are not as relaxed as I want them. But they were clear so I’m happy! 

Judges scores us like this: 

H: 71.5% (1)

C: 70.0% (2)

M: 72.1% (1)


= 71.2%

It is so nice when the judges agree like today. The marks were enough to win the first round of this Bundgaard Byg round and we’ll do the final tomorrow in freestyle. It’s not my own music so I’m very excited (or frightened) to see how it will turn out. It’s the first time for Chantal to do a freestyle, so I really have no expectations, but I hope that she’ll do just as fine tomorrow as she did today. 

Thanks to Mom who helped me at the competition ground today!

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