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Bundgaard Byg Final

Sunday was the big Freestyle day in Holte with Chantal Skovvang. I didn’t have the time to make a freestyle for Chantal, and because of that we had to borrow one made for another horse. I’ve actually never ridden Intermediare Freestyle before, only PSG Freestyle so I couldn't even just use one of my own made for another horse. But luckily Karin Nissen was very sweet to lend me one of her old Freestyles made for one of her earlier horses!

Cathrine Dufour Chantal Competition

I practiced it once, and it didn’t fit at all and therefore I had to change some things in the choreography. Unfortunately I didn't had the time to practice these changes, so when I raised my arm to start the music in Holte, it was the first time riding that choreography. 

Luckily Chantal was so sweet and really tried to do her best, even though I was rather busy trying to make everything fit to the music. We had some expensive mistakes in the canter pirouettes and the overall impression was not nearly as relaxed and smooth as the day before. 

Cathrine Dufour Chantal

The scores were not at all impressive, but I’m just pleased about the way she has behaved all week, and to be placed second after a very bad freestyle results is not bad at all. 

We ended up scoring 141.228% and the winner Michael Søgaard scored 140.353% (percentages from Saturday and Sunday). It couldn't barely had been any closer to a victory, but after the Freestyle performance we simply wasn't good enough - but we’ll be back! 

The next couple of days Chantal Skovvang will have a few days off in the field, and then I’ll take her out hacking in the middle of the week, before we start out dressage-training again in the very end of this week. 

Cathrine Dufour Chantal

Thanks to Rune Willum my amazing trainer and the best groom Mie Poulsen for helping me this Sunday. 

Photo credit: Sussi Breevaart

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