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I have two talented junior students competing in Hagen this weekend.

Celine Silfen with her impressive Romio Højris and Sara van Deurs with her new partner Katholms Ronaldo. Celine is competing the nation cup while Sara is in the regular junior class.

Unfortunately I didn't made it in time to help Sara at the warm up yesterday as I had to train Cassidy before leaving. Luckily Rune could help at the warm up! It's still a very new partnership between these two and they did a good job. It's the first time for Ronaldo being such far away from home and he did a good job. Small mistakes and tensions caused some points but still they gained 67% and placed as number 12.

Celine had a powerful ride and really had some highlights in the trot test. Two expensive mistakes in a walk pio and the transition into canter where they gained the marks 3 and 4 held them from second place. But with 70.5% they ended up as number three individual and the Danish team gained silver.


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