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Change of Plan(e)s

I planned on flying back home to Denmark today around 5pm. That way I had the chance to train Cassidy today. But unfortunately because of all the terrible things that happened last week in Bruxelles, I have to be in the airport like three hours before my flight, to go through thousand of security checks.

Therefore it’s not possible for me to catch my flight in time, and we had to change my flight to one that leaves tonight at 9pm. Quite irritating, but I really want to be here and help Celine again today. If she qualifies for the final the national trainer Ulrich Gerstoff will help her, but I really have to go back home to train Cassidy #118daystorio 😉

I’m lucky to have my super groom Mie who helps me with Cassidy these days and makes sure that he gets all the kisses he needs and a nice walk in the forest.

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