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Choosing the Right Bit For Your Horse

Blog post created in collaboration with Neue Schule

As part of this year's advent calendar, we'll be sharing tips and tricks from Cathrine's sponsors and partners so that YOU can become a better rider! Today it's all about choosing the right bit for your horse!

Just like with any piece of equipment, there are a few things to consider when you’re getting a new bit. These are the top 3 tips for choosing the right bit for your horse!

  1.  Make sure your horse is comfortable with the bit! We want to make sure we “disturb” the horse as little as possible with the equipment we use, so listen to your horse.
  2. Every horse is DIFFERENT! This is really important to remember, because even though you have one horse who is fine with one specific bit, it doesn’t mean every horse is going to be the same. They’re so different in terms of the size of their mouth, sensitivity etc. Cassidy is currently using the Verbindend bit which works great for him, but it's not necessarily the best for all horses. Stefan from Neue Schule has also told us that some horses just don’t like the taste of metal in their mouth, which might make them chew on the bit and generally just be uneasy in the mouth, so again - make sure you listen to your horse!
  3. Try different bits out! Because horses are soooo different, it’s important to try different bits out to see what works for your horse. 

Having the right bit for your horse really makes a huge difference for how your horse is feeling and you’ll actually start to feel that it’ll become A LOT easier for you to ride when the horse is comfortable!

If you have any specific questions about bits for your horse you can message Neue Schule on Facebook!

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