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The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide For 2019

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We don’t know about you, but we’re already getting into the Christmas spirit here at Grønagergaard! At the beginning of last week we kicked the holiday season off with a cozy Dufour Club Night with lots of hot chocolate and the traditional Danish æbleskiver. Even though the Christmas music is already on repeat and the decorations are almost all up, we’ve still not finished getting all the gifts for our loved ones, and we’re betting you haven’t either. So here are our top recommendations for Christmas gifts in 2019!

SolaMagic Travelkit

Cathrine Dufour Bohemian SolaMagic Travelkit

Solamagic | 6995 DKK

The Solamagic Travelkit is perfect for the competing equestrian in your life! Cathrine always brings her travelkit to competitions with her so her little superstars get that little extra after a morning training session or a test in the arena.

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Saracen Re-Covery Mash

Saracen Re-Covery Mash

Saracen Horse Feeds | 290 DKK

This is another pro tip for the competitor in your life! Give them the gift of Saracen Recovery Mash to help their horses recover after being in the arena! This is also great supplement for injured horses :)

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UNLIMIT Lime Mittens



These mittens are just the coolest! None of us are on the horse all day, every day (well, maybe except for Cathrine Dufour), and these are the perfect winter accessory for keeping you warm outside of training and working in the stables!

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Neo-Ice Cooling Bandages

Neo Ice | 75 DKK

Is someone you know gearing up for the spring competition season already? How about helping them and their horse with some Neo-Ice Cooling bandages? Cathrine uses these both after intense training sessions and after competitions – so they definitely have her stamp of approval! 

Just remember to get one for each leg!

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Sporty Haft Spray

Horse Fitform | 119 DKK

A LOT of people have asked about the spray Cathrine uses on her boots in The Story – and this is it! It basically “glues” your legs to the saddle, which helps you keep them still when you ride :)

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Campari Weekender Bag

Cathrine Dufour Adax Weekender

Adax | 3499 DKK

Whether you’re going away for a competition or a mini-holiday, this Adax weekender bag is the perfect way for you to bring all your things!

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Dufour Rapid Workout Tank Top

 The new Dufour Rapid Workout Tank Top is perfect for those workouts you manage to squeeze in in between Christmas dinners, caroling and riding. Hopefully it’ll also bring a little bit extra motivation during this dark season ;)


Cassidy Cut Pendant

Helgstrand Denmark | 425 DKK

The new Dufour by Helgstrand Denmark jewellery pieces are the perfect gifts for your best friend, mother or daughter. Cathrine designed these to help remind you of your passion, courage and reaching for your dreams!

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Samshield Winterliner

Samshield Winter Liner

Samshield | 525 DKK

Winter season is not only in December, and if you have someone in your life who usually is a little extra cold during the winter months we reaaaally recommend getting them the Samshield Winterliner for their helmet!

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Dufour Volte Hoodie 2.0

Speaking of things for the winter season – the Volte hoodie 2.0 is a bit thicker than the Canter hoodie, and therefore the perfect piece for layering during the cold months!


Healthy Horse Spa

Cassidy Healthy Horse

Healthy Horse | 350 DKK

Pamper your little star a little extra by giving them a spa day over at Healthy Horse! This is also a great gift for a friend who has an injured horse or who is gearing up for a busy spring competition season.

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Prima Donna Zirconia Bracelet

Helgstrand Denmark Bracelet

Helgstrand Denmark | 1595 DKK

This bracelet has been on our wishlist for a loooong time. We can imagine wearing this every day for a little extra bling ;)

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Sanna Small Shoulder Bag

Adax Sanna Handbag

Adax | 999 DKK

We love the dark green suede version of this bag! The zipper details give it a bit of an extra edge, which we’re crazy about :D

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NAF Magic

NAF | 379 DKK

Know someone who has a horse that is always a bit fired up, or who gets nervous at competitions? Then we recommend getting them some NAF Magic, which will help the horse calm down just a little bit extra :)

Can be bought in lots of different stores!

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Miss Shield Shadowmatt Black // Rose Gold

Miss Shield Shadowmatt Black // Rose Gold

Samshield | 3200 DKK

Isn’t this Samshield helmet gorgeous?? The rose gold details on this helmet will really give an extra bit of elegance in the arena :)

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