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Christmas Gift Ideas

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Some of you might have already bought all the Christmas presents for your friends and family this season, but for those of you who haven’t, we've interviewed Cathrine for her best gift ideas this year. 

Psst, some of these gift ideas are from Cathrine's sponsors, and we've have tried to make it super easy for you to find it - as some of you always ask for links :-)


I already have these things and I am super happy with them. Therefore my warmest recommendations! In my list, I have tried to find a few different items, both for the rider and for the sweet little ponies :-) The items are also in different price ranges, so there is something to fit everyone's wallet.

Gifts for 30-400 DKK

For riders

Dufour Fashion

  • Dufour Fashion collection! Well I guess I have to mention my own little fashion line :-) Everything from posters, totebags and t-shirts goes under this category! Remember to order by tomorrow to get it in time for Christmas! I have even made some special packages for Christmas where you get a little discount when you buy these (and my sweet girls will even wrap them for you :-) 

For the four legged legends


  • eOverreach 325 DKK, also comes in different sizes and colours. It just works - and they can even be machine washed! 
  • Munchies from Saracen 5kg for 120 DKK.. Not much to say.. Cassy loves them :-D You can read more about them here

Neo Ice Cooling Bandages

  • Neo-Ice cooling bandages 300 DKK. As some of you have maybe seen on Youtube, I use these all the time.. After a training, if my horse has an injury, after competitions, during transport.. You name it!
  • NAF Magic Tubes.. For them of you with a young or hot tempered horse this is really a great Christmas present - also as a treat for yourself :´-D I have made a short video on how I am dealing with the hot tempered horses and how I use the product!  


Gifts for 400-600 DKK

For riders

Samshield Winter Gloves

  • Samshield W-Skin Winter Glove, price 500 DKK. I absolutely love my Samshield gloves as you have probably noticed already. They are super comfy and looks really cool! Definitely a winter must have! 

Samshield Winterliner

  • Samshield Winterliner, price 525 DKK. Also a winter essential! I am freezing my a** of most days this season, so every little helps :-) 

  • Hoodie or Sweatshirt from my own collection, 450-500 DKK. I only have a few items left of my limited edition pieces, so better get them now since I am already running out of some sizes..  


Gifts from 600 DKK-up

For riders

Helgstrand Silver Collection

  • Helgstrand Silver Collection. I really like the new items from Marianne Helgstrands collection. This bracelet for instance is super cool and is also affortable :-) 

Dufour Unlimit Bag

  • Unlimit bag x Dufour, 1299 DKK. Whenever I am off work and hanging out with Katrine or my friends then my very own Unlimit bag is always a part of my outfit! The gold details makes all the difference! Woop woop!

For the horse (and rider)

Ogilvy Memory Pad

  • Ogilvy Dressage Memory Foam Half Pad, 1850 DKK. Comes in different colours and can be customized. As some of you have maybe seen on my Facebook, Instagram or Youtube accounts, I am riding with the Ogilvy Memory Foam Half Pad. I have had some issues with my back, and this pad really helps as I spend a lot of hours in the saddle! I really enjoyed reading all of your comments on Facebook and Instagram for the competition Trolle Company sponsored yesterday. I will try to share some tips and tricks on keeping your back and horse healthy as soon as I can!

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