Daily Diet

It’s important to eat right whenever you have to perform all day long. For me it’s important to keep my energy level stable from early morning till late late evening. Therefore I have to eat properly - here is an example of a daily diet for me. 

Cathrine Dufour Breakfast

Breakfast (6.30 am)

- 65g oats

- 10g flaked nuts (almonds or hazelnuts)

- 30g vanilla protein powder 

- 1 piece of fruit (orange, banana, apple, pear or whatever I’ve got)

- Low fat milk on top

Cathrine Dufour Lunch

Lunch in a box (1 pm)

- 150g meat (salmon, meat or chicken)

- 150g vegetables 

- 120g pasta, rice or potato 

- ½ avocado 

- 25g mixed nuts 

Cathrine Dufour Dinner

Dinner (19 pm)

- 150g meat (salmon, beef or chicken) fried on the pan  

- 2 asparagus fried with the salmon 

- 120g tortellini  


First salad: 

- 50g quickly boiled broccoli  

- 10g cranberries  

- 10g pine nuts  

- Drizzled with a bit of skyr, balsamico, salt and sugar (sukrin)

Cathrine Dufour Dinner

Second salad: 

- 50g fresh spinach 

- 20g tomatoes 

- 1 avocado topped with fresh basil leaf


Late night snack (21.30 pm)

- 100g low fat skyr with 50g berries.

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