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Danish Champion 2016

Last weekend was amazing. Last year at Broholm Horseshoe we competed and won the U25 Danis Championship. Before that we've won U21 twice at Broholm, so we have rather good records when it comes to Broholm Horseshow. This championship was my first one as a senior, and also the first time to meet all the danish riders at the same time. 

In the Grand Prix Cassidy did very well. We had some small tensions in canter work, but overall a really controlled and super fluent test. I couldn't ask for more, when thinking of the fact that it was the first day in the ring, and it was tough competition. We gained 76.8% and won with the smallest margin possible; only 1.5 point ahead of Anna Kasprzak and Donnperignon.

In Grand Prix Special we had our best ride ever until now. The passage and piaff work was absolutely the best we could possibly do. The transitions were on the spot and the canter work was super balanced. I could enter the final centerline with great confidence and when standing in the last halt I was so touched. Cassidy performed better than he has ever done before, and wow it was an amazing feeling to let go of the rein and walk out of the arena with a huge ovation from the crowd. This was by far the best test Cassidy and I have ever done together, and it also resulted in a personal best with 79.6%!! This kept us in the lead of the danish championship with 1.8% percent - still super close and exciting before Sunday's freestyle final.

Sunday was the day for the freestyle final. We made a new freestyle Tuesday (in the same week as this championship), and I got to ride it once before take-off to Broholm. Therefore I was a bit than normally excited to see, how it would work out. Then we tested at home Tuesday it fitted almost perfect, so I had my hopes high. The plan was to ride a safe test, and hopefully keep the lead. 

The start was a little tense, but as soon as we entered the one tempies we has super cool and more than ready to work and still be relaxed. I have a super difficult start in the freestyle, and it went as I wanted it! The passage and piaff tour was superb and we actually didn't had any mistakes at all. I'm so proud of Cassidy and the fact that we could keep our lead all three days, winning the freestyle with another personal best of 83.9%! 

I'm more than proud of Cassidy and the fact that he's won his fourth danish championship, and I've won my 14th danish championship. I have my fantastic team to thank for all of our succes. My lovely parents and my super trainer Rune Willum. The people who helps Cassidy; Gitte Søby, Mark Christiansen og Thormud Jensen. Thank you so much for all your help, it means the world! 

Of course I'd also like to say a huge thanks to my sponsors: Adax, UT Fashion, Cavalleria Toscana, Saracen, Ingdams, TUCCI, RG Italy, Samshield and Healthy Horse. 

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