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Double win!

Just finished off an amazing competition day. Dior De Luxe did a great job winning with 72.8%. No mistakes and great extended exercises and nice flying changes. For my taste I think we lacked a bit of energy, but she does look great in the arena!

Dia-Lou was sooooo game on today and really gave me everything I asked for today. A nice eager to work and yet cool enough to relax in the arena. She was closely beaten by Dior, but she came in second with 71.4%.

Placed as number four was my talented student Sara Petersen with her new junior horse Ronaldo. They had a relaxed test today with a great trot tour, and ended up scoring 68%.

Huge congratulations to the owners family Munck (Dior) and family Bekkevold (Dia-Lou) and of course to Sara's family also.

Thank you to Frederiksværk equestrian center for hosting such a nice competition. And thank you to the great sponsors sponsoring the nicest prices in kind, UT Fashion, Adax and Krafft.

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