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Dufour The Story On Ekko's Shortlist!

Sponsored by Trolle Company

As you might already know, I made a short documentary in collaboration with my amazing sponsor Trolle Company and the one and only film crew Northly Film. Last Monday the film magazine EKKO nominated the film for their shortlist. That alone is super cool!

Cathrine Dufour The Story Outside

In general it is just sooo nice that a video about dressage get this kind of recognition in the film world.. I mean.. I haven’t really seen that many horse movies make it to the top of the film industry - so it’s about time we change that.

Cathrine Dufour The Story Samshield

A lot of you guys have maybe seen the film and also voted. That has resulted in our little movie reaching the top of the list in just one week!! <3

We still need your help to keep the position though and make sure that our film makes it into the award show. I would therefore be immensely happy if you would give it another view, rate it, comment on it and share it with your network so we can get the movie all the way to the top! We only have 2 weeks left to make sure that it stays at the top!

Click here to get to the film.

Cathrine Dufour The Story Herning

We filmed it around a year ago and it was so much fun! I think the team at Northly really captured who I am and how I am working with my beloved horses, team and trainers.

Cathrine Dufour The Story Cassidy

Cathrine Dufour The Story Samshield Cassidy

Thank you so much for following my journey.. I am still new in the game but I have already have so many unforgettable memories - some of them are really well captured in this little video!

All the best, Cathrine


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