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Fantastic Competition Weekend

Another week just started today, after an amazing weekend with a great local competition. I brought two horses: my own 6yr old Edison who had his competition debut, and Fældgårdens Dia-Lou who had her debut at M-level. 

Saturday I brought Edison for his first competition ever. He was so cool and coped very well with the surroundings. I really had my focus on giving him a great experience, and to teach him that it’s great fun to compete. The warm up went very well and he stayed cool when we entered the competition arena. Tension in a positive way and definitely the will to perform and show off, was what I felt when we took our first round in the arena. No big mistakes and a nice focused horse - I was more than happy with his performance and the judge honored us with 74% and a big win. What a debut! 

Later the same day I had to compete Fældgårdens Dia-Lou in her first M-level class ever. She was very hot at the warm up arena, and boy I wished that we’ve had like a half hour more to warm up! But in last minute I had her where I wanted her to be, and she was more than ready to perform the test! The arena was quite deep which caused us some small problems in all the extended exercises (which she’s normally super good at), but beside that a great trot-test. I was a rather excited to find out how she would cope wit the flying changes at a competition, and I think she did well. They were definitely not perfect at all, but a great start and whenever I learn to keep her a bit more relaxed I’m sure they’ll be just perfect! 

The judge was very satisfied and scored us 74% and another win! 

Sunday Edison and I did one more performance. The class LA2 is a bit more difficult than the class from yesterday, but again he proved what a superstar he is (or at least is going to be) and stayed super focused all the way through the test. Great trot work with several 9-marks and a single 10! Truly a great feeling to compete this future star! The judge was kinda blown away and scored us with remarkable 85,6%, which is a personal record for me! This was (more than) enough to win the class with 15% to the second placed. WOW I’m lucky to have such super talented horses! 

Congratulations to the owners of Fældgårdens Dia-Lou family Bekkevold and thank you to everyone who helped me during the weekend: Sanne, Maiken, Mie, Mom, family Bekkevold and of course my amazing sponsors.

All Photos: Sanne Svendsen

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