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Grand Prix Aachen

Yesterday was for sure not our day! Cassidy was very tense already in the beginning of the warm up, but we actually got him to calm down before entering the main arena. Just a few meters after we entered he already wanted to leave the arena again, and as soon as the audience started an applause to welcome us, he totally turned on. Like too much on. 

We got a very hectic start with no halt at all, and started out on 30%. The following trot test was rather good and before the next halt the score was 74%. All piaff and passage work is rewarded with 8's or more, so that part of the test worked super. The walk was almost in trot, so this was of course super super expensive as the score dropped dramatically again. In canter you could clearly see his tension about being in the ring, and among other things we had mistake in the 2-tempies and the right pirouette. 

This was not at all what we had hoped for, especially after three relaxed and super controlled tests at Broholm a few weeks ago. But this is how it is to work with hot horses, and we'll just try to cope with his temper till Saturday's Grand Prix Special. After all these mistakes we still ended up as nr. 19 with 71% - so we are hoping for a more relaxed Cassidy on Saturday and by that being able to show the judges what we really can perform great! 

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