Herning Horse Show 2016

Annitta Duus Atterupgaards Kingston Herning Horse Show

Yesterday was a lovely day in Herning at Herning Horse Show. I had to help my student Annitta Duus at the warm up before the Youngster Championship test riding. It was the one and only Charlotte Dujardin who had to test ride the best young horses here in Denmark. She truly did an amazing job on the horses I saw before I had to join the warm up. So sensitive and skilled and with a lot of focus on the basics; what a pleasure to watch her test ride the youngsters!

Annitta Duus had qualified her own horse Atterupgaards Kingston (Krack C/De Niro) to the finals last year. First day in Herning was all about riding a L-level test, and then Saturday Charlotte had to test the horses. Annitta did great in the test and gained the marks:

Trot: 8.5   Walk: 8.5   Canter: 7.5   

Rideability: 8.0  Capacity: 8.5   

= 493.00.

 Annitta Duus Atterupgaards Kingston

After “own rider test” the equipage ended up as nr. 9 before Charlotte had to test ride Kingston.

Atterupgaards Kingston was such a good boy when entering the big “BOXEN” arena with a thousand of people. So relaxed and coped very well with the atmosphere. Charlotte seemed to like him and had a few great comments that we can really use when training him in the future. She gave him the marks:

Rideability: 8.5

Capacity: 9.0. 

This was enough for a placement as number 9 among the very best young horses in Denmark. A huge congratulations to Annitta Duus with her amazing horse and great job in Herning.

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