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How I Use the Solamagic Lamps For My Horses

Blog post written in collaboration with Solamagic

So I use the Solamagic AniMA treatment for all my horses, but depending on whether we’re home or at a competition I use it a bit differently.

At home I use it both before and after training. I don’t necessarily use it every day but mainly when we have a hard session ahead of us. So what I’ll do is I’ll use it before training to warm up the horse a bit so that their muscles are ready to perform. When I then start my training session I’ll also be doing a warm-up, but using the Solamagic lamps before just gives the horse a bit extra.

Then after the training session the horse is usually washed etc. While they’re being washed they’ll be standing under the Solamagic lamps I have in the stables. I do this to promote restitution and to help their muscles after a hard workout.

When we’re out at competitions I’ll be using the lamps a bit more than at home. So if I know we have an intense competition day ahead of us, I’ll use it early in the day to make the horse’s muscles a little more supple and to let the horse relax a bit. The big difference between competitions and being at home is that the horses don’t go outside in the paddock when we’re away. So to help them as much as possible to stay relaxed we use the AniMA treatment. And then after our ride in the arena I’ll use it again, to allow them to settle down and also to make sure that they’re ready for the next day. It’s so so important not just for restitution but also for their well-being I think.

Solamagic have written a little bit of info on the AniMA technology, but if you have any more questions make sure to write them a message



  • Targeted treatment
  • AniMA® waves works deeper into the skin structure (up to 4 cm) and ensures that the muscles and joints warms up internally, giving a preventive and relieving effect.
  • Enhances the natural movements of the muscle cells
  • Stimulates blood circulation

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