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Luxury Saturday

… And now we’re talking material luxury! Every Saturday I’ll post something I find very luxurious. It can be a new horse gear item, a luxury dinner or something completely different. 

This week's Saturday Luxury is some special horse items from Hermès. I’m totally in love with a lot of Hermès collections, but it’s waaaay to expensive for my wallet. But you’re always allowed to dream, right? 

They have a full equestrian collection and I’ve picked out three items that I’d really love to have in my stable! 

I have actually tried a few of their horse items, as I was lucky to win a Hermès rug during the European Championships in France 2013. It’s a very cool orange color and looks great on the horse, even though orange maybe isn't the best color for Cassidy! It’s fun to have a rug like this, but as the price is just around 1.500€ (!!) it is not a rug that I would buy in the store. Obviously because of the insanely high price, but also because I actually prefer the rugs from RG Italy. The quality is a bit better and the fit is really perfect on RG products.

When looking through Hermès equestrian collection I really love these three items:

Cathrine Dufour Hermés Wish

Stable Bucket

Stable storage bucket in oak wood, handle in bridle cowhide with stainless steel ring, “Hermès Sellier Paris” branding, 32.5 x 27 x 22.5 cm. Color: Natural. 

Price: 650€.

Cathrine Dufour Hermés Wish


Saddle storage box in recycled cardboard. Hardwearing and lightweight and handles in chevron canvas and bridle cowhide. “Hermès Sellier” silkscreen print. Color: Navy.

Price: 355€.

Cathrine Dufour Hermés Wish


Pair of stainless steel stirrups with White non-slip and interchangeable soles, “Hermès Sellier” Clou de Selle engraving. Color: White.

Price: 260€.

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