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Luxury Saturday

As many of you already know, I’m sponsored by the Italian brand Cavalleria Toscana. For the last two years I have been riding in their clothes during daily training as well as for competitions.

I truly love their clothes and you can really feel that it is Italian quality. First of all the fitting is just perfect for me, and it is lovely to work in because of the unique fabric. When it comes to design Cavalleria Toscana is way ahead of everyone else (my opinion). It’s modern, elegant and classic; just how I like it.

On Tuesday I’ll receive my “SS-collection box” from Cavalleria Toscana, and I simply can’t wait to see all the items from the Spring/Summer collection. When looking through the catalog (watch it here) I already have a few favorite items! I tried it out last year, and boy these items suits me great!

Cavalleria Toscana SS 2016

Summer light Down: 

Summer jacket. I love the way this jacket is shaped and it really has the perfect fit for me! And the design... wow! 

Cavalleria Toscana SS 2016

Summer polo:
This summer polo is soooo cute. On the “top” it has got the nicest flower pattern and a nice finish on the neck-piece. Amazing for training as well as for competition. 

Cavalleria Toscana SS 2016

Competition polo:

I really like especially my competition wear to be simple. That’s why I like this competition polo - it’s simple but still a few details. Great fitting under a competition jacket! 

Cavalleria Toscana SS 2016

Light Down Net Sleeveless:

I had a vest from one of the earlier collections from Cavalleria Toscana, and it is amazing. It’s so light and soft that you can barely feel that you're wearing it. It keeps you perfect warm when working (not too warm), and the design is absolutely gorgeous. It comes in several colors but as far as I can remember I’ve chosen the “safe” navy color. 


CAN’T WAIT TILL TUESDAY! And of course I’ll bring you photos of all the items! 

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