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Luxury Saturday

The last couple of months my eating habits have changed dramatically. I have always loved cake, candy and a lot of other unhealthy stuff, but since I started my new workout plan at the gym, I also have a diet to follow. I really like how it affects my body to eat clean an healthy, but sometimes I’m really craving for candy or cake. Since I’ve started my new “lifestyle” in January I haven't eaten a single piece of cake and only very, very, very little candy - but that’s how it is if I want to get fit. 

BUT I have one other craving which I’m actually allowed once in a while: Sushi. I’m a sucker for sushi, and if I get to chose where to dine a Saturday night, it would definitely be at a sushi restaurant! 

Cathrine Dufour Favourite Food Sushi

My absolute favorite restaurant is Sticks’n’Sushi in Copenhagen Tivoli Hotel. It’s truly an amazing place located at the top of Tivoli Hotel (12th floor) with a lovely view to Copenhagen City. The food is incredible and I could eat tons of food from their menu.

Because of my sushi cravings, this was the very first thing I thought about when planning this week’s “Luxury Saturday”. Actually I’m going to treat myself with a sushi-date with two lovely girls from our stable, Sanne and Maiken, on Monday. I simply can’t wait to have a cosy evening with Maiken, Sanne and of course the sushi  

When talking of food, Sushi is for sure pure luxury for me! 

What’s your favorite food? - comment below! 

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