I actually didn’t had the time to take pictures when packing. It’s been an intense day with horses, training, students, last training with Cassidy and A LOT of boring packing. Mie has helped me a lot, so we’re almost finished with all the horse gear.

I always make a check list to make sure I remember everything. I have packed for five days and it really takes up a lot of space in the truck. We always bring a small trainer after our horse truck caused to the weight laws.

Now I just need to pack my own suitcase with normal clothing and all my training clothing.

Another ‘new’ thing that I have to pack for this trip is food. I’ve never been concerned about packing food when leaving for competition, but because of my new ‘lifestyle’ with a lot of training and focus on daily diet, I have to pack some food to be sure that I’ll get what I need during the competition.

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