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European Championship Preparation⚡️

Since the European Championship is coming up, I’ve started focusing on my diet and exercise A LOT these past few weeks.

🏋️‍♀️ After two weeks, 100% supervised by the best coach Katrine, I can truly feel and see the difference. As equestrians a lot of us are really aware of what our horses eat and how they exercise, because we want them to stay on top and perform their best. We don’t think as much about the same things for the rider, but it’s actually really important.

Feeling way stronger and looking pretty lean now I think.

Like I’ve said before, I don’t think there’s a specific number on the scale that’s perfect for equestrians competing, but for me I feel a lot better competing when I know that I’ve done everything possible to be strong and healthy. It’s all about feeling good in your own body and that you’re able to sit properly on the horse and have the stamina to get through the whole programme.

Cavalleria Toscana Revolution

Photo: Cavalleria Toscana

Normally I’m having a hard time staying energised during the day, but Katrine has really taught me how to stay on top while riding, working and teaching. She’s taught me more about how to keep my energy levels stable throughout the day, so that I’m able to perform my best, which has really helped.

I’ve been eating all the ‘normal’ food I wanted, but only taken away things like chocolate, cake and candy. Once a week we’ve enjoyed a cheat meal full of all the dirty things 🍰🍫🍭 It’s been so much fun, and actually easier than I thought before starting our little project.

When it comes to my weight it hasn’t changed a lot, but 2.7kg is gone. What’s more interesting is my fat%. Before starting: 20.4% and today 16.8%. And then I’ve gained 0.6kg muscle mass.Cathrine Dufour Katrine Hedeman

Thank you bae for all your help. It’s been so much fun - now let’s continue our project together!

For those of you interested in recipes etc. Katrine posts a lot of this on her Instagram, so I would definitely go and check that out!

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