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So Proud After the Danish Championship Weekend

A few weeks ago it was the Danish Championship up in Uggerhalne. I've already written a little bit about the championship but there was also some other exciting things happening that weekend! I won the Lis Hartel's Memorial Price, which was such a big honour.

The prize is given to someone who has done something extraordinary within dressage, so receiving it felt really special. I also think that the way I live is so much in line with how Lis herself lived. She was quite handicapped (one of her legs was completely paralyzed) and still she managed to be the first woman to compete against men and she was really high up on the world rankings. She had this life philosophy that if you dare to dream big and really fight to achieve it then you would.  

So really a big honour to receive the prize and so fun to be allowed to walk in the footsteps of all these other great people who've won the award before. 

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