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Sunday Workout

This Sunday I had to train at the gym all by myself. The last couple of months I’ve been training a lot together with my personal trainer Tommy and only alone for a few times. When speaking of cardio  it’s very easy to do by my own (running, crossing or rowing), but when it comes to weight training I had a lot of technique to learn. Since Tommy started training me I’ve learned so much and I really feel that my technique gets better and better every time I step into the gym. 

Cathrine Dufour Workout Gym

Today I had a great weight workout doing a lot of the lifts that I’m feeling secure to do by myself. I always start out squatting, and today I did 6 sets of 6x70 kg! It is so God damn tough, but I’m so proud when thinking of the fact that I could only do like 6 sets of 6x20 kg when I started in January. 

Beside the squatting I did some lift-ups, shoulder-press, ab-rolls and 45 minutes cardio at the crosstrainer. 

It is so much fun training when you can feel the development every time, and I’ve got to say that I love my workouts at the gym. My motivation is sky-high and I am more than ready to do what it takes to improve my psychical conditions. 

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