Dufour Dressage

Helgstrand employs Danish Cathrine Dufour

Cathrine Dufour Cassidy
Helgstrand Dressage has managed to set new standards within the dressage world; with the employment of FEI World Ranking no. 5, the very talented dressage rider, Cathrine Dufour. Helgstrand Dressage has now secured another strong profile for the future.

5 Questions for Cathrine's mum, Mona

5 Questions for Cathrine's mum, Mona
This week we’ve had a chat with Cathrine’s mum Mona Dufour about how she works with Cathrine both during regular days and at competitions. She shares some advice for the mothers of equestrians, and also talks about some of the struggles and rewards of being the parent of an elite athlete.

5 Questions for Cathrine's Girlfriend Katrine

Cathrine Dufour Katrine Hedeman
Most of you have probably seen pictures and videos on Cathrines Instagram from various workouts. Those of you who came to our DufourClub Night in March tried a Cathrine/Katrine workout and also learned more about how these two work together to get better at what they do. This week we’ve talked to Cathrine’s girlfriend Katrine about how she motivates herself and others, what her three best workout tips for riders are and what her and Cathrine do together when they’re not training.

5 Questions for Cathrine's Sponsor Ulrich

Cathrine Dufour Ulrich Trolle
We've finally gotten to the next five questions for one of the amazing people in Cathrine's team! This time we've spoken to Ulrich Trolle who in 2006 started Trolle Company A/S. Ulrich and Cathrine have known each other for many years, and Trolle Company has, as one of Cathrine's main sponsors, been a part of the team that's supported her on her long journey.

5 Questions for Cathrine's Groom Catarina

Cathrine Dufour Catarina Hall Cassidy DM Broholm

Leading up to our next DufourClub night on the 19th of September, we wanted to chat with some of the fantastic members of Cathrine’s team, so that you also can get to know them a bit better!

This time we asked Cathrine’s groom Catarina Hall to answer 5 short questions for you all to enjoy and learn from!

Happy Birthday Dad

Congratulations to my sweetest dad on his birthday 🙂 All four of us are together tonight, and had a nice dinner. Now we’ll watch the Danish Handball team fight for their Olympic qualification!