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Aachen 2019 Cathrine Dufour Bohemian

Bohemian's Life

We’re super excited to have a guest post from Bohemian’s owner Louise Zinglersen today! Louise has been the proud owner of Bohemian for a few years now, and in this blog post she tells us all about where Bohemian came from, why she decided he was her dream horse and much more!

Saddle Tips and Tricks for the Winter Time

Saddle Tips and Tricks for the Winter Time

This blog post is written by Cathrine Dufour's sponsor INGDAM'S We're jumping into fall with an exciting blog post from the experts over at INGDAM'...
Cathrine Dufour Finesse Bridles

GIVEAWAY With Finesse Bridles

As a lot of you know I've helped design the amazing Finesse Bridles pieces, and I use them for all of my little superstars  Now you have the chance...
Do You Remember This Shoot?

Do You Remember This Shoot?

It's been about a year since I did this photo shoot with the amazing teams at Adax and Hood Agency. I don't think I've shown you all the photos, so...
CT Lab Cathrine Dufour

European Championship Preparation⚡️

Since the European Championship is coming up, I’ve started focusing on my diet and exercise A LOT these past few weeks. 🏋️‍♀️
5 Questions for Helle from Finessebridles

5 Questions for Helle from Finessebridles

We’ve sat down for a chat with Helle Dueholm, the creator behind the brand Finessebridles. Cathrine and Helle have been working closely...

Introducing Samuel

This is Samuel the last horse from Helgstrand Dressage that I’m training at the moment! When this film comes out I’ve had him for a bit more than a...
Marianne Helgstrand

5 Questions For Cathrine's Sponsor: Helgstrand Denmark

We’re REALLY looking forward to Dufour Club Night tonight at Harridslev Riding Club and we hope that you’re looking forward to it just as much as w...
A Better World - Behind the Scenes of the New Fashion Items

A Better World - Behind the Scenes of the New Fashion Items

As many of you already know Cathrine is very passionate about animal welfare, and she does everything to make sure that her own horses and the horses she trains are treated well, both in the stables and on the training grounds...
Cathrine Dufour The Story

Dufour The Story On Ekko's Shortlist!

As you might already know, I made a short documentary in collaboration with my amazing sponsor Trolle Company and the one and only film crew Northly Film. Last Monday the film magazine EKKO nominated the film for their shortlist. That alone is super cool!
Nathalie Kyra Trainer

What To Look For In A Trainer

Having a good trainer is essential if you want to develop. In my “grown up” life I have had two different trainers. The one and only Rune Willum was with me since I was 11 for 15 years, and my current trainers are national coach Nathalie zu Sayn-Wittgenstein and Kyra Kyrklund.
Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas

Some of you might have already bought all the Christmas presents for your friends and family this season, but for those of you who haven’t, we've interviewed Cathrine for her best gift ideas this year. 

Psst, some of these gift ideas are from Cathrine's sponsors, and we've have tried to make it super easy for you to find it - as some of you always ask for links :-)