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Dufour Dressage

Cathrine Dufour Fashion

How DufourFashion Started

The idea for DufourFashion came along with the club. One of my friends has worked in the music industry. A lot of fans and music lovers often wear the band t-shirt of their favorite group. That is sort of a thing that tie people even more closely together. That idea was too good to let go and we decided to try and introduce it to the equestrian sport.

How I Cool My Horses’ Legs After Training

For me it’s super important to take good care of horses, and I do this in lots of different ways. Today’s tip has to do with cooling the horse’s legs, something I do after an intensive training session, after a competition or if the horse has an injury. The reason why I cool their legs after a training session or a competition is to avoid injuries and to make everything as comfortable for the horse as possible.
Cathrine Dufour Workout I Can I Will

How I Motivate Myself

A lot of people ask me about how I motivate myself to keep going, especially if I’ve just been to a competition that didn’t go very well. First of all, it’s really about having a dream and communicating that dream to the people around you, telling them where it is that you want to go. In that way, they can help you get there, because they know exactly what it is that you want to do.
Cathrine Dufour Nathalie zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg

Why I Started DufourClub

A few people have asked my why I've started the DufourClub, so I've written a blog post about how it all started! It actually stated in 2016 when a friend of mine and I wanted to give everybody the chance to learn from the way I was doing things. Josephine and I started DufourStream which was kind of “netflix” with horse-training videos.
Cathrine Dufour Cassidy

5 Questions for Cathrine

We’ve reached the end of this round’s “5 Questions for…” and this time we asked Cathrine some of our questions!1. What do you do to keep your horses in best possible shape? In relation to keeping my horses in best possible shape, there are a lot of different aspects of this. The management of a horse, is of course number one: to train them. They need quality in the training, not being pushed too hard, but they still need sufficient training to make sure that they learn new tricks. That is the top priority.
Cathrine Dufour Cassidy

Helgstrand employs Danish Cathrine Dufour

Helgstrand Dressage has managed to set new standards within the dressage world; with the employment of FEI World Ranking no. 5, the very talented dressage rider, Cathrine Dufour. Helgstrand Dressage has now secured another strong profile for the future.
Cathrine Dufour The Story

The Story

These last couple of years for me and my team have been quite unique. I’ve been able to chase my dreams fully, and a lot of them have come true.

It’s been a journey that started when I was very young, and I’ve actually dared to follow my dreams. My family and Cassidy have of course have a huge role on my journey, and that’s what I’m trying to give you insight into in this film that I’ve made in collaboration with Trolle Company and Northly Film...

Cathrine Dufour Tack Locker

New Tack Locker from Saddlebox

This past year I’ve been looking for a new tack locker. One with better design, so that the space gets used a bit better. I also wanted a lower box so that I could use the top as well. The problem with lower tack boxes is that there’s also less space inside. But it does all dependent on the design, and I’ve finally found the right box for me, which matches my criteria when it comes to the size and the height of the box, and with great design that actually gives me more space for things than in my previous box. The interior design is actually "stolen" from Charlotte Dujardin
Training and Other Questions

Training and Other Questions

I get a lot of questions in the comments on the blog about how to train, what kind of weight is the optimum, how I find time to do other things and so on, so I’ve gathered some of the questions and answered them in this video! One of the questions I wasn’t able to include because of too much wind was “At what age do you start training your horses for Grand Prix and under 25 competitions?”
5 Questions for Cathrine's mum, Mona

5 Questions for Cathrine's mum, Mona

This week we’ve had a chat with Cathrine’s mum Mona Dufour about how she works with Cathrine both during regular days and at competitions. She shares some advice for the mothers of equestrians, and also talks about some of the struggles and rewards of being the parent of an elite athlete.
Cathrine Dufour Katrine Hedeman

5 Questions for Cathrine's Girlfriend Katrine

Most of you have probably seen pictures and videos on Cathrines Instagram from various workouts. Those of you who came to our DufourClub Night in March tried a Cathrine/Katrine workout and also learned more about how these two work together to get better at what they do. This week we’ve talked to Cathrine’s girlfriend Katrine about how she motivates herself and others, what her three best workout tips for riders are and what her and Cathrine do together when they’re not training.
Cathrine Dufour UnlimitBags Superstition


Superstitions. Do you believe in them too? From I was really young, I’ve been superstitious. Everything from colours, rituals to doing things in a specific order. For me, it’s been part of who I am.