Wehuuuuu today it’s Friday! 

I’ve had a busy week and I’m so much looking forward to have a “short day” this Friday. I have training at the gym from 06.30-8.00 this morning, and after that I’ll be back at Grønagergård riding all the horses, followed by student till half passed 5! Then I'll have all evening to relax and maybe have a great dinner with friends, we’ll see later today. 

It is only today I’m early off, because tomorrow and Sunday I have a lot of students, and I’m going to Herning to help a student who is riding Youngster Championship Final. Sunday the legendary Charlotte Dujardin will test ride her horse, which are super excited about! 

I hopefully also have a photo shoot to do this weekend, but it depends on the wether. We are working so hard on the next project to add to this blog, and I can’t wait to show you what we are working on these weeks! 

Well, I will take off to the gym now and get my ass kicked by my amazing trainer Tommy. 

SMILE, it’s Friday!! 

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