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Thank God It's Friday


Today it’s Friday, yaaaay!

My Friday-night plans are not that crazy unfortunately. I have to compete Chantal Skovvang tomorrow at a national show in Holte. We have to do our first Intermediare I at a national competition (we’ve done it once on a local competition). We are participating in a cup called Bundgaard Byg Cup, and it’s actually the first time I’m going to participate in this cup. It has got three qualifications and then a final in June, and at the qualifications we shall ride Intermediare I and Intermediare Freestyle.

The 15 best riders from tomorrow's Intermediare I will do the final on Sunday in Freestyle. I’ve never ridden a freestyle on Chantal Skovvang, so that’s gonna be interesting.

But nevertheless I have to show her the arena in Holte tonight, because it can be a bit tricky to ride in. She has never spooked with me before, but I won’t take any chances.

Wish us luck this weekend, and go follow results on this link:


What are you guys up for today and tonight?!

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