Throwback Thursday With Cassidy

Today I want to share three videos with you; they’re recorded just a few months after we bought Atterupgaards Cassidy to our stable in 2010. I’m sorry that they’re in danish, but I just think it’s rather fun to look back at the interview and especially the training of a seven years old and very inexperienced Atterupgaards Cassidy. 

It really brings back memories from the first year we had him, where we achieved three medals at the European Championship for juniors just 30 days after we bought him. 

In the videos I’m talking about my everyday life, my short- and long terms goals and how it has been to have big success in such a short time on Cassidy. In the last one we’re shoving just a bit of very simple training (tempo changes) and then some flying changes. I was still a junior at the time, and Cassidy only 7 years old, so it’s rather fun to see him be insecure in all the “difficult” stuff. 

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