World Cup Göteborg

Cathrine Dufour & Cassidy

Thursday was Grand Prix in Gothenburg, Sweden. We got a nice warm up and were super ready when we entered the arena. Super trot, nicely relaxed walk and a super, super quality gallop. What a feeling - he was with me 110% throughout the set. For the first time we were able to cross the 80% line in International Grand Prix!! Completely crazy, and as just the 15th rider in the world.

Cathrine Dufour & Cassidy

The freestyle we were riding in Gothenburg is completely new! I was really excited when we rode on to the arena which was packed with an amazing audience. It felt fantastic to just get the music on and give it everything we had.

Cathrine Dufour & Cassidy

The final salute was the craziest feeling of joy, relief and an enormous amount of pride for just having ridden our new freestyle almost perfectly.

Family Gothenburg World Championship

I want to give a big thanks to my whole team. Of course to SFC Music for the amazing music, but also to my new trainer Nathalie who has done an amazing piece of work and blended into the team. Team leader Helle Krasnik has taken care of everything in the time up to the trip and was also there during the competition. My lovely groom Catarina Hall was with us for the first time, and my amazing girlfriend Katrine, my lovely mum and dad and of course Cassidy’s osteopath Gitte Søby. I’m so grateful for my team and so proud that we managed so well!

All photos are taken by FEI/Natalie Greppi

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